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Topic 1: The direct OA problem

Here, our aim is to understand the principal features of optoacoustic (OA) signals resulting from measurements on melanin enriched absorbing structures within tissue, and to numerically verify OA signals generated in mulit-layered PVA hydrogel phantoms with focus on (nondestructive) OA depth profiling.

One of the milestone achievements in HYMNOS subproject 1 was to collaborate with project MeDiOO at HOT in order to complement optoacoustic signals detected in the lab by means of numerical simulations. The figure below (taken from an early draft of our joint article) illustrates the good agreement of the measured (solid orange curves) and numerically predicted (dashed blue curves) excess pressure curves for (a) a three-layered PVA hydrogel based tissue phantom, (b-c) four-layered tissue phantoms.

In our numerical studies we adressed the prediction of OA signals observed in the acoustic near- and farfield in both, forward and backward detection mode, in PVA-H tissue phantoms, see here and here.

Overview subproject 1