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Hybrid Numerical Optical Simulation (HYMNOS)

Numerical approaches for the description and modeling of light fields in optical media can profit significantly from modern trends in computer technology. In particular, massive parallelization using graphic cards (GPUs) enables new approaches to efficient simulation and offers at relatively moderate cost large computing power and high performance which so far could only be achieved using computer clusters. Also, using current tools a continuous modeling and simulation of light-matter interaction including thermal and mechanical effects is often not possible. This demands for the development of new tools allowing for comprehensive theoretical description of such systems: hybrid optical simulation. In a new joint research project at the Hannover Centre for Optical Technologies (HOT) funded by the VW Stiftung within the Nieders. Vorab program (Grant ZN 3061) we aim to develop novel simulation tools by combining optical, mechanical (acoustic) and thermal simulation concepts. The ultimate goal is to lay the foundations for a deeper understanding of light-matter interaction in complex optical systems. For this purpose, the we investigate dynamic interaction of light fields in various material systems such as dielectrics, semiconductors, fluids, and biological tissue. The innovative aspect of our approach is to include the material response, e.g. thermal effects, in the description of the light propagation.


  • Hannoversches Zentrum für Optische Technologien (HOT)
  • Institut für Quantenoptik (IQ)
  • Institut für Transport und Automatisierung (ITA)
  • Institut für Produktion und Gerätebau (IPeG)
  • Institut für Mess- und Regelungstechnik (IMR)
  • Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH)

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